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 AWG Paris supports the following charitable organizations

AWG gives back to the community and beyond. We have a great group of women with great ideas and we are always open to new projects to help out the less fortunate! Currently we make wool hats for our refugees and homeless in the winter months; there’s a year round Sandwich Making effort for the ones in need. Monday mornings are dedicated to “La Soupe” kitchen, where our volunteers take out their aprons, to cook up and serve delicious meals; and during the pandemic, we have continued to help the community by making masks and hand sanitizers to help keep people safe. Those are just a few of our activities...come join us by emailing awggives@gmail.com for more information!

Interested in Donating to one of our AWG Paris charities? Click HERE.

If you would like to nominate a non-profit charitable organization for AWG Paris to consider supporting, please send an email to awggives@gmail.com with details of the organization and why you recommend the program.

Video and Photos credit: AWG Paris members, including our own Krystal Kenney, missparisphoto.com

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