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Summer has arrived and AWG Paris is currently on holiday.

if you would like to meet up with other AWG Paris members, please join our private Facebook group or check with your Friends & Neighbors group. We look forward to seeing you in mid-September!

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Love your life with the American Women's Group in Paris 

The American Women’s Group in Paris (AWGParis) is a social, educational and cultural association first organized in 1921. We take pride in being the oldest association of English-speaking women in Paris. Membership is open to 

  English-speaking women of any nationality who live in Paris

AWGParis offers our members a sense of community and friendship far from home and the opportunity for learning about French culture and building the Franco-American relationship. We encourage our members to attend meetings, join a committee, participate in club activities and share their interests with us. The bonds that form through working together to organize the club and maximize the benefits of membership are also of great importance to us. 

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Reid Hall, 4 Rue Chevreuse 75006, Paris


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