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Navigating Expat Life: What Questions Have You Had and What Advice Would You Share?

20 Sep 2018 11:23 AM | Anonymous member
Moving and making a life in a new place is hard no matter where it is or how amazing the location.  There seems to be no better proof of that than all it takes - logistically and emotionally - to not just move but really settle into Paris.

Since we are at the beginning of a “new year” I thought we would use the next couple of blog entries to go through some of the biggest issues / problems that you face when you move here and share some words of advice about how to navigate them.  BUT since I am a relative newbie to the expat life myself, my base of knowledge is still rather limited compared to the other members of AWG. SO, I am using this blog entry to present an invitation to you, whomever you are reading this right now, to share with us.

Specifically, we would love to hear from you about:
  • What are the questions you found yourself asking (or are currently asking) as expats? For example: Were you absolutely blown away by the process for getting an apartment here?  Did you walk out your front door the first Sunday you were here only to wonder what would be open?
  • What’s the best piece of advice / recommendation / lesson that you learned as you navigated either life in Paris or expat life (either here in Paris or elsewhere) more generally? For example: How did you make your first French friend?  What words of advice would you have for adapting to cultural norms here?  Or, even, what tricks do you have to handle jet lag if / when you go back and forth overseas?
Whether you are a new and long-time members - just starting the expat life or “career” expat, if you will - please reach out to us and share your questions and experience.  There is so much that we can learn from each other in this crazy journey.  That is part of the beauty of life, after all!

Email me your questions / thoughts / musings to awgcommsvp@gmail.com.  I will be collecting what you send over the next couple of weeks and will share your queries and recommendations in the next blog entry or two (depending on how many people reach out).  Also, in case you are wondering, I will not attribute any commentary I receive and include in the blog post unless you explicitly tell me that you would like to be cited (i.e. reference your blog, business, or want to put yourself as a resource to those reading the blog).  

I hope to hear from many of you!  AWG is one of the many resources at your fingertips to help make Paris feel like home so the more information I receive, the more I can share!
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