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Winter Reading List

27 Nov 2017 8:11 PM | Deleted user

We don’t know about you, but this cold weather has got us wanting to curl up on the couch with a good book and a mug of vin chaud. And while it might be too cold to explore the city on foot – why not discover a new side of Paris through the pages of a novel? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite books about the city of lights, guaranteed for a cozy winter read.

The Alice Network

by Kate Quinn

Source : Goodreads

The Alice Network is a vast group of secret agents working to undermine the Germans during the First World War. Eve Gardiner is recruited and sent into enemy-occupied France, but after a betrayal rips the group apart she finds herself alone in London. That is until a young American comes around asking questions about a missing cousin, launching them both on a mission to find the truth.

The New Paris

by Lindsey Tramuta

Source : Goodreads

Everyone's heard of Paris’ cafes, baguettes and corner bistros, but what about the boutique coffee shops, fusion cooking and cocktail creations? In a striking “cultural study meets guide” writing style, American native Lindsey Tramuta attempts to capture the changes in everyday life in Paris over the past decade. If you’re tired of the same old tourist guide reputation and want to learn about the people, places & ideas fueling the "real" Paris you know and love – this book is for you!

The Bettencourt Affair

by Tom Sancton

Source : Goodreads

Liliane Bettencourt is the world’s wealthiest woman and heir to the L’Oreal 36 billion dollar fortune. Enter artist, photographer and now accused con man Francois-Marie Banier, who received hundreds of millions of dollars from the 95-year-old heiress. Read all about the controversy that ensued as Vanity Fair contributor Tom Sancton covers the real-life scandal that ensnared this high society family, their global beauty brand, and even the former president of France.

Bonus! This book will be read by the AWG book club in 2018. So if you’re dying to debate fact vs myth from this story with other novel-loving ladies, please join us! Book club meets the second Wednesday of every month – check the activities calendar & newsletter for more details.


by Lauren Elkin

Source : Goodreads

A delightfully innovative and provocative novel, Flaneuse blends cultural observations with memoir-style passages on a journey to discover the relationship between the city & the women who walk them. We accompany the Flaneuse, “a determined and resourceful woman keenly attuned to the creative potential of the city, and the liberating possibilities of a good walk” through Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice & London. For anyone who feels a little out of step living in a foreign land.


by David Lebovitz

Source : Goodreads

Anyone who’s both lived and cooked in Paris knows the famed author and chef David Lebovitz for his life-saving blog with dummy-proof guides on what to buy, cook & eat in France. His new book L’Appart, begins with an apartment renovation and explores the age old question of what makes a house a home. Peppered with new recipes and a generous helping of humor, Lebovitz discusses French culture, food and how he found a home in his adoptive city.

Wondering where to find these and other English language books in Paris?

We recommend Shakespeare & Co (37 Rue de la Bûcherie, 75005), WH Smith (248 Rue de Rivoli, 75001), Librairie Galignani (24 Rue de Rivoli, 75001), and The American Library in Paris (10 Rue du Général Camou, 75007). These locations often have special events such as readings by the author.

More English language bookstores in Paris can be found on one of our favorite resource websites Time Out Paris, and of course if you prefer your books come to you there’s always Amazon.fr

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