AWG   Partner  Charities, Past and Present

Coeur des Femmes 

Coeur Des Femmes is a Paris based urgency day shelter for women excluded from society. AWG has been involved in the center’s developmental for many years. With a team of highly motivated social workers, CDF is now in a phase of offering community opportunities to the ladies to help them integrate more in society. AWG shares our presence, talking, sitting for a breakfast of good nutrition twice monthly and supporting a respectful, calm haven for the ladies. We sponsor the new Breakfast Bank as well as holiday celebrations and creative activities. AWG members recently spear-headed  a sewing micro business for CDF.


Morning Star Children’s Centre


Morning Star Children’s Centre in Welkom, South Africa, is a day care center for 140 children, providing nutrition, education, medication and love to the children who are HIV/ AIDS positive with additional support of their families. We can help by sponsoring a child for just 21.50€ a child for one month and 14.50€ will buy a food parcel for a month for a whole family.


SSRVM Dharavi School


In the biggest slum of Asia, the SSRVM School is nurturing the dreams of over 400 students. The school is not just a center of learning, it is a place where students can leave behind domestic violence, crime, child labor and the constant lack of opportunity. Teachers place special emphasis on hygiene, health, and individual responsibility, running a vocational training centre to enhance capabilities of students to facilitate future employment.


Womens Microfinance Initiative


WMI’s mission is to establish village-level loan hubs, administered by local women, to provide capital, training and support services to rural women in the lowest income brackets in East Africa so that they can engage in income producing activities.


Global Potenial is a program that transforms under-privileged youth into leaders and entrepreneurs. With the help of volunteer mentors, participants gain new skills and then share them through development projects and education work- shops in developing countries and their own communities.

GP is a new charity in France, but it’s well-established in the USA where the results have been impressive. Participants have built classrooms, sidewalks and community gardens; they’ve run health and literacy workshops and children’s day camps. They’ve touched the lives of more than 50,000 people. By becoming involved in this way, the young people themselves have benefited with increased leadership skills, self-esteem, and commitment to their education, and they discover their capacity to make changes in their own communities. 


La Soupe  -- Eglise Trinit√©, Place d'Estienne d'Orves, 75009

There is something special about Monday mornings in Paris.  Sharpen your knife, grab your peeler and your apron and head off to La Soupe (the Soup Kitchen) Spend a little time chopping carrots, potatoes, leeks, onions – sometimes we even get le butternut.   A petite French woman in heels and an elegant apron will inspect your work and allow you to bring your offerings to the kitchen.  In the meantime, you realize you’ve spent an hour talking about the weekend, the kids, the grandkids, the best Chinese market in Paris … in English, in French, in Franglais. And all the vegetables (even le butternut) have disappeared.  And the aromas are starting to come from the kitchen! 

And after our own lunch, our guests arrive.  Yes, mostly men, mostly homeless, mostly mentally ill or alcoholic but altogether human.  The number served is quite astonishing – usually about two hundred. 

Some of us are choppers, some of us are servers.  Some are both.  Occasionally, one of us is promoted (however temporarily) to cook!  Some stay for an hour.  Some stay from 9:30 until all the pots are washed.  And when La Soupe closes from mid-June until mid-October, we miss it. 

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