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American Women's Group in Paris

The American Women’s Group in Paris (AWG) is a social, educational and cultural organization founded in 1925.

 Membership is open to all English-speaking women of any nationality

We will help you learn to love your life in Paris!

From September through June, we offer a variety of fun and rewarding events.


  • antiques and brocantes
  • behind the scenes tours of Paris landmarks
  • coffee groups, lunches, dinners
  • cooking and photography classes
  • day trips from Paris
  • guided tours of gardens, museums, fashion and art exhibits
  • hikes in the countryside
  • neighborhood tours
  • wine and cheese tastings
  • networking and professional connections
  • volunteer community service

Your membership also includes free social events each month -- Coffees, Conversation Groups, the January Rentree Party, and Year End Lunch

Whether you plan to be in Paris for a few months, a year, or a lifetime,                 AWG has something great for you!

Congratulations, AWG PARIS!! 

Thanks to our members, we received special recognition!!

The FAWCO Foundation has recognized AWG Paris for its contribution to the FAWCO Target Project and awarded us the TARGET MEDALLION for the Platinum Donor level of contribution.

From the FAWCO Foundation: "We are very grateful for your club's contribution to the Target project, Hope Beyond Displacement. Your club's efforts are worth recognition and you will find your club's logo and donation amount on the Club Donor Wall on the FAWCO Foundation website."

We at AWG Paris proudly support the fine work of the FAWCO Foundation!!

Upcoming Events

AWG typically has many activities each week.  Only members see our "live" calendar.  A sample calendar is viewable under the "join" tab.

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 05 Market Tour with Véronique: Saxe-Breteuil
Jan 06 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jan 06 Atelier des Chefs
Jan 09 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Jan 11 Wednesday Book Club
Jan 13 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jan 16 Guided Tour of Hotel Le Marois (The Cercle France Ameriques)
Jan 16 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Jan 18 Art in the Land of the Pharaohs – part I- with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Jan 20 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jan 20 Cheese Tasting at CHEESE
Jan 23 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Jan 24 A Walk in Versailles Park
Jan 25 Tasting Paris: Les Enfants Perdus
Jan 26 Maxime's Art Nouveau Collection
Jan 27 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jan 27 Wine Tasting with Géraldine: Wines from Bordeaux-Pessac-Léognan
Jan 28 Rentrée Cocktail Party
Jan 30 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Jan 31 Day Trip to Reims with Géraldine
Feb 01 Walk in the Countryside
Feb 01 Art in the Land of the Pharaohs – part II- with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Feb 02 Café Chat!
Feb 02 Champagne Exploration
Feb 03 AWG Conversation Exchange
Feb 06 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Feb 08 Wednesday Book Club
Feb 10 AWG Conversation Exchange
Feb 13 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Feb 16 Hidden Bar
Feb 17 Cooking and Lunch with Véronique
Feb 17 AWG Conversation Exchange
Feb 20 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Feb 21 Membership Meeting
Feb 23 Tasting Paris: Brasserie Bofinger
Feb 23 Wine by One
Feb 24 The Petit Palais: the Belle Epoque’s flagship
Feb 24 Wines from Burgundy – Côte Chalonnaise and Maconnais with Géraldine
Feb 27 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Feb 28 Small Musée Visits: Musée Cognacq-Jay
Mar 01 Walks in the Countryside
Mar 02 Café Chat!
Mar 03 AWG Conversation Exchange
Mar 06 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Mar 07 March Member Meeting
Mar 08 Wednesday Book Club
Mar 09 French Cheese : A Primer with Debbi Baron
Mar 09 Hidden
Mar 10 AWG Conversation Exchange
Mar 10 Guided Tour: Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme
Mar 14 Paris by Arrondissement: The 14th
Mar 15 Housing a Genius: Victor Hugo’s Residence with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Mar 16 French Market Tour: Marché d'Aligre with Preston Mohr
Mar 17 AWG Conversation Exchange
Mar 18 AWG 2017 Annual Gala and Auction - La Vie en Rose
Mar 22 Restaurant Pierre Sang in Oberkampf
Mar 23 Working Women’s Cocktail at Wine By One
Mar 24 AWG Conversation Exchange
Mar 27 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Mar 28 Understanding the French Resistance with Jean Manuel
Mar 28 Musée Lambinet: Ribbons to Daggers An invitation to an hôtel particulier with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Mar 29 Garden Tour: Pocket Gardens of the Marais
Mar 31 Cooking and Lunch with Véronique
Mar 31 AWG Conversation Exchange
Apr 03 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Apr 03 Camera Lessons with Krystal Kenney
Apr 05 Walks in the Countryside
Apr 05 Atelier des Chefs
Apr 06 Café Chat!
Apr 07 AWG Conversation Exchange
Apr 10 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Apr 12 Wednesday Book Club
Apr 17 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Apr 18 April Member Meeting
Apr 19 Rue du Bac Gourmet Tour with Preston Mohr
Apr 20 Orsay 1: Understanding Impressionism with Jean Manuel
Apr 20 FRENCH BUBBLES AND CHEESES: A unique experience with Géraldine
Apr 21 Spring into Spring with our Window Box Workshop and Garden Guru Amy!
Apr 21 AWG Conversation Exchange
Apr 24 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Apr 25 Garden Tour: Jardin d'Agronomie Tropicale
Apr 26 Tasting Paris: La Fontaine de Mars
Apr 27 Orsay 2: Everything but the Impressionists with Jean Manuel
Apr 27 Paris of the People: Historic Walking Tour in Belleville
Apr 27 Champagne Private Party Behind Closed Doors at Coach
Apr 28 Mme de Pompadour: a Woman of Destiny in the Enlightened Society with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Apr 28 AWG Conversation Exchange
Apr 28 Dinner and Theatre in Paris
May 02 Paris by Arrondissement: The 3rd with Lee Hubert
May 03 Walks in the Countryside
May 04 Café Chat!
May 04 French Honey at La Abeille in the 13th arr. and lunch at Le Temps des cerises
May 05 AWG Conversation Exchange
May 08 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
May 09 May Member Meeting
May 10 Notre Dame Tour with our own Rebecca DeFraites
May 10 The Ladies of the Marais with Dr. Kelly Spearman
May 10 Wednesday Book Club
May 12 Market Tour with Chef Allison Zinder
May 12 AWG Conversation Exchange
May 12 Cyclo-Café: Mobile Bike Bar
May 15 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
May 18 Brebis! Sheep’s milk cheese – A Primer with Debbi Baron
May 19 AWG Conversation Exchange
May 19 Wine Tasting with Géraldine: ARE YOU BIO OR NON-BIO?
May 22 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
May 22 Garden Tour with Amy Kupec-Larue at Parc André Citroën
May 23 The Passy Cemetery: an elegant address for eternity with Kelly Spearman
May 23 Tasting Paris: Issy Guinguette
May 29 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
May 30 Musée Maillol- Art Exhibition
May 30 Tasting Tour with Veronique
Jun 01 Café Chat!
Jun 02 Hôtel de Talleyrand
Jun 06 End of the Year Picnic! - June Membership Meeting
Jun 06 Luxe Dinner at Spring
Jun 08 Rosé Wine Tasting & Cheese Pairing with Preston Mohr
Jun 08 Paris by Arrondissement: The 12th with Lee Hubert
Jun 09 Wholesale Shopping with Lynn– Jewelry and More!
Jun 12 Église Trinité Soup Kitchen
Jun 13 Atelier jus et degustation – Juicing and tasting workshop
Jun 13 Ladies who Drink in the View - Hotel Raphael
Jun 14 L'Haÿ les Roses - A feast of Roses! with Amy Kupec-Larue
Jun 15 Unusual Specimens – Cheeses to Discover with Debbi Baron
Jun 16 Palais Galliera: Museum of Fashion
Jun 16 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jun 16 Summer Wine Tasting Dinner with Géraldine and Véronique
Jun 17 A Visit to « Le Marché aux Puces St Ouen »
Jun 20 Rodin's World with Dr. Kelly Spearman
Jun 23 AWG Conversation Exchange
Jun 30 AWG Conversation Exchange
Sep 13 Wednesday Book Club
Sep 20 Ladies Who Drink in the View: Rooftop at Restaurant le Zyriab
Sep 21 Debbi Baron’s Cheese Course
Sep 21 Fancy a Fan?
Sep 22 Spanish evening – Olé! with Géraldine
Sep 25 Global Gourmets: Rimal
Sep 26 Tasting Tour with Véronique
Sep 27 The Power of Flowers: The world of Pierre-Joseph Redouté with Amy Kupec-Larue
Sep 27 Café Gourmand: Karamel!
Sep 28 Wholesale Shopping with Lynn
Sep 29 Cooking and Lunch with Véronique
Oct 07 FAWCO Region 3 Conference, October 6-8

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